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October 01, 2001

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to take here the chance to give you further information regarding my career objectives and myself. As my enclosed curriculum vitae states, I have earned my MBA degree in June 2000 at Example University in USA.

My international experience at For An Instance Co. in Marketing and Media Management & Planning, gave me the chance to analyze markets by communication spending and make forecasts; develop media strategies; negotiate and finalize contracts with media; and develop and implement advertising campaigns. I also had the opportunity to attend to the bimonthly media meetings of all For An Instance companies across Europe and USA. Furthermore, as of 1999, I was also responsible for the supervision of film production for the brands. In this new delegation area, I realized major achievements such as improved the costs by 15 % and set up the production procedures.

Another point well worth to mention is my field project regarding the analysis of the U.S. retailing system and setting up the market entry strategy for a Turkish company active in the food industry. Throughout my project work, I utilized many tools I acquired during my graduate studies such as: industry analysis, target segment analysis, identification of competencies and how they fit in the market dynamics and conducted focus group studies for getting insight into the U.S. consumer.

I am willing to pursue my career in a continuously growing multinational company where I would find the opportunity to work in the area of "Marketing" or "Strategy / Planning" in a challenging and teamwork oriented environment.

I would welcome meeting you for an interview during which I can provide you with further information on my profile.

Yours Sincerely,

Arzu Örnek

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